Brian Behlendorf brian at collab.net
Tue May 1 16:34:10 UTC 2001

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Randy Kramer wrote:
> (What's the FSB?)  These few bad eggs -- can we do anything about them?
> On another list I subscribe to something similar happens occasionally.
> The list administrator tries to contact the bad eggs and if he gets no
> response he unsubscribes them.

The mailing list management package used by this list, Dan Bernstein's
"ezmlm" (non-open-source, it's worth noting!) automates this process - it
records bounce messages in a reliable way, noting which addresses bounce
and who they bounce for, and then some set amount of time after the first
bounce (usually 10 days), it sends a "probe" email to the bouncing
address, the body of which is what you (and I, and others) got, telling us
some messages bounced, what the error was on our side that caused that
bounce, and information on how to get those messages we missed.  Pretty
slick, especially for list admins who now never have to do anything to
remove bouncing addresses.

So, given that two messages bounced for a large number of people, I would
wager that the problem was actually on the mail server side - a
temporarily down DNS server perhaps, or resource problems, or what have
you - and since they only affected two messages, not worth worrying about.
I appreciate the fact, though, that should my own mail systems
accidentally bounce mail for me for a short period of time, I don't have
to worry about missing messages from the list or being unsubscribed.

"These aren't the bounce messages you're looking for... move along."


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