Randy Kramer rhkramer at fast.net
Tue May 1 11:39:57 UTC 2001


Thanks for the response!  

Unfortunately, I threw my "bounce message" before I saw your note.  I
may be wrong, but those message numbers (3172 and 3173) sure sound

Next time I get a bounce message I'll record the numbers and then post
them on the list.  I thought it was a problem with my ISP.  Maybe it is,
like Karsten says, "a few bad eggs subscribed to the list or FSB"(?).

(What's the FSB?)  These few bad eggs -- can we do anything about them? 
On another list I subscribe to something similar happens occasionally. 
The list administrator tries to contact the bad eggs and if he gets no
response he unsubscribes them.

Thanks for the information!
Randy Kramer

David Johnson wrote:
> On Monday 30 April 2001 19:44, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> > There are a few bad eggs subscribed to either this list or FSB whose
> > mailers bounce back to me.  I'll report if I get any bounces from this
> > post.
> If it helps, the messages that got bounced for me were 3172 and 3173...
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