Subscription/Service Fees - OSD Intent

Lou Grinzo lgrinzo at
Thu Mar 29 21:16:21 UTC 2001

It belongs in the license, not on a web page, IMHO.  If the FSF wants to
provide additional information on their web site, that's great, but the
license should be complete and clear enough that there's virtually no
"wiggle room" for interpretation.

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"Lou Grinzo" <lgrinzo at> writes:

> My solution is for some group of people (like us) to collectively assemble
> list of every permutation of activity we can think of involving
> software--sell it modified/unmodified with/without source, linked/not
> with non-free/open SW, bundled/not bundled with other software, etc.--and
> then have the licenses that care about where such lines are drawn include
> list that explicitly says something along the lines of, "Subject to the
> other terms and conditions of this license, you are granted the rights to
> the following things with this software.  You are not granted the right to
> do anything with this software that is not explicitly mentioned below
> you make separate arrangements with the original author(s)."  [list of
> activities]  Obviously some licenses, like the BSD license, would not
> benefit from changing, since it's so wide open to begin with.

How about


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