Subscription/Service Fees - OSD Intent

Ian Lance Taylor ian at
Thu Mar 29 19:44:01 UTC 2001

"Lou Grinzo" <lgrinzo at> writes:

> My solution is for some group of people (like us) to collectively assemble a
> list of every permutation of activity we can think of involving
> software--sell it modified/unmodified with/without source, linked/not linked
> with non-free/open SW, bundled/not bundled with other software, etc.--and
> then have the licenses that care about where such lines are drawn include a
> list that explicitly says something along the lines of, "Subject to the
> other terms and conditions of this license, you are granted the rights to do
> the following things with this software.  You are not granted the right to
> do anything with this software that is not explicitly mentioned below unless
> you make separate arrangements with the original author(s)."  [list of
> activities]  Obviously some licenses, like the BSD license, would not
> benefit from changing, since it's so wide open to begin with.

How about


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