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Angelo Schneider angelo.schneider at
Wed Mar 28 12:27:07 UTC 2001

> If you really want registration fees from all users, then why not just keep
> your software closed source?

Because "Open Source" and "Free Software" are ideologies. And a lot I
know think, its right to incluse the source code. But its not right to
get no fees from those who use the software (esecialy if those drive
their business with it).

So the man likely looks for a broad distribution, and all who likes it
and benefit from it should pay a fee. Everybody should have access to
the source code.

I think this mailing list would run much better if people here would try
to understand that ther is still demand to ordinyry sell software. Not
everynody is in the habit of living from Consulting contracts etc.

Also its a bit pathetic to say: "Yeah, he gives you also the source, but
that is not Open Source. He should make it closed sorce again or true
open source". That doesn't serve anybody.

    Angelo Schneider

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