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David Johnson david at
Tue Mar 27 20:35:43 UTC 2001

On Wednesday March 28 2001 03:51 am, David Davies wrote:

> I can see no reason why a clause can not be added to the license that
> states;
> " x.1  If you continue to use this software or any derived work after a
> thirty (30) day evaluation period you are required to register it.
>   x.2  Registration can be performed at "

Definition #2: " must be a well-publicized means of obtaining the 
source code for no more than a reasonable reproduction cost..."

Thus, I must be able to obtain at least the source code with out having to 
pay a registration fee. Any other fees for the source code are not allowed. 

Definition #7: "The rights attached to the program must apply to all to whom 
the program is redistributed without the need for execution of an additional 
license by those parties."

An additional execution of the license after thirty days has expired is a 
no-no! When I give a copy of the program to someone else, they immediately 
gain all the rights that I do without having to get an additional permission 
from you.

Open Source is not "gratis" software. But neither is it "non-gratis" 
software. You may not stop me from distributing my copies as gratis. You 
cannot prevent it from becoming free-beer.

> Is there any reason why the obligation to pay a registration fee can not be
> included in an Open Source license.

Definition #1 says that I don't have to pay you royalties if I give away or 
sell copies of your software. And definition #7 says that those I give it 
away or sell it to deal directly with me, and not you. So you can't charge 
registration fees to third parties.

If you really want registration fees from all users, then why not just keep 
your software closed source?

David Johnson

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