Apache vs. BSD licenses

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Wed Mar 21 06:41:14 UTC 2001

on Tue, Mar 20, 2001 at 10:39:41PM +0000, David Johnson (david at usermode.org) wrote:
> On Wednesday March 21 2001 05:43 am, kmself at ix.netcom.com wrote:
> > The other question is:  if your objectives align with those of the GPL
> > (copyleft, promotion of free software), why would you need a different
> > license?  This isn't an entirely rhetorical question.
> There's a difference between aligning and coinciding. If my goals coincided 
> exactly with the FSF, you would be completely right. But if they differ even 
> a tiny fraction, then the possibility exists that another license is more 
> suited to my purposes. That's why multiple political parties exist in free 
> nations, and why multiple free licenses should exist for Free Software.

What differences, specifically?

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