SamBC sambc at nights.force9.co.uk
Tue Mar 20 20:57:54 UTC 2001

I recall I while ago we started receiving updates as to what licenses
are waiting, and what licenses are approved/refused and why. This
doesn't seem to have happened for a while - any chance of it happening
again (please).

I mainly ask as I am wondering about getting more information on the
progress of my (documentation) license, which I quite like and is
purpose built for a project, which is waiting on license approval before
I release anything (d'oh!).

The license is at http://www.simplelinux.org/legal/sLODL.html but that
isn't the latest version - that is attached.

I will be updating the site as and when (as sourceforge don't make it
very easy - it was supposed to be a cronjob to copy from CVS, but that
stopped working).

Any more comments than those received before, or obvious corrections,
please come out with them.

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