Linking restrictions and shared libraries

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Mon Mar 12 17:18:29 UTC 2001

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M. wrote:

> Section 117
> Section 117(a) of the Copyright Act, seems applicable. It limits the right
> of the copyright holder with regard to computer programs, and is relevant to
> the dynamic linking of shared libraries. Given the general purpose of the
> GNU GPL, we can make two assumptions about its provisions: [1] it does not
> restrict a right of the user that is provided for by the Copyright Act under
> section 117(a)(1) since to do so would have the ironic result of
> undercutting the access to works that public law provides to everyone and

I'm not clear about what you are saying; are you saying that you would
beleive that the copyright act you quoted should allow you to link with a
shared library without requiring permission from the author because its
about the only thing you can do?

> [2]  to be faithful to the current distinctions between the GNU GPL and the
> LGPL, care must be undertaken to distinguish that the licensor is,
> generally, the author of the shared library, who permits proprietary
> applications to link to the library by using the LGPL. (Quite a different
> question may arise, if the facts are altered just slightly).

Be clear - I'm asking about GPL here not LGPL.

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