approved licenses web page not being updated

David Wallace Croft david at
Tue Jul 31 00:25:56 UTC 2001

Tina Gasperson (and mailing list):

> Through a check of the archives of this list, I learned that the CPL is 
> simply the IPL with all references to IBM removed. I also noticed 
> that IBM infers the CPL is approved by the OSI as well 
> ( - see top 
> two lines of text), However, I didn't see it on the list at 
> Is 
> the website simply in need of updating?

Please see the attached for the CPL approval announcement.

"SamBC" mentioned in March that the approved licenses web page was not 
being updated.  Does anyone know who has the ability to make these 
updates and what is going on?

David Wallace Croft
President, CroftSoft Inc
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