"Perl Artistic License"

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Sat Jul 28 19:16:38 UTC 2001

On Friday 27 July 2001 05:50 pm, Steve Mallett wrote:

> It is labeled "The Artistic License" (on the URL above), yet the additional
> section, section 8, that isn't in the official "The Artistic License" (at
> opensource.org) would seem to exclude this license from being open-source. 
> I assume there has been discussion on this somewhere.

There is more than one version of the Artistic License. I don't know it's 
exact lineage. The one listed at OReilly seems to be the original, with 
clauses specific for Perl and other interpreted languages. I don't recall a 
discussion on section 8.

However, my opinion is that it is still 100% open source. The section says 
that " Aggregation of this Package with a commercial distribution is always 
permitted provided that the use of this Package is embedded". This appears to 
be an escape clause. It does not require the Package to be embedded, but 
merely makes the license more lenient if the Package is embedded. If the 
Package is not "embedded" (has visible interfaces), then the rules covering 
its distribution are given in sections 1 through 7.

David Johnson

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