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David Johnson david at usermode.org
Sun Jan 28 22:05:09 UTC 2001

On Sunday 28 January 2001 01:40 pm, Ben Tilly wrote:

> Conceptually if you are the only one who can audit
> the source, then it really is your responsibility
> to validate that the software does something
> reasonable and you should be liable if it is not
> appropriate for what you try to sell it as.

In my original post, I wasn't arguing one way or the other in terms of 
liability. I was only arguing in terms of merchantability for commercial 
products. There's a big difference.

This is a very thorny issue and I didn't want to get into it. There are some 
things that you simply can't absolve responsibility for. But on the other 
hand, without a limit on liability, non-commercial software development would 
come to a screeching halt.

David Johnson

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