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Tue Jan 23 21:54:43 UTC 2001

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> > I want to discourage license-discuss participants from answering
> > questions like this one.
> 	:
> > But non-lawyers have to avoid giving legal advice
> Sorry, but this really rubs me the wrong way.  In a word, BS.

I agree.  If "non-lawyers have to avoid giving legal advice" is the
rule here, I guess we can all pack up and go home.  We're talking about
software licenses, and whether or not they fit the OSD.  Given that
we must consider whether or not the license, as is legally enforcable,
conforms to the guidelines of the OSD, we must discuss legal issues. 
We may even say things that sound like legal advice, like "the text of
that license leaves holes people could use to set up their own
closed-source derivative product."

Liability is not an issue; this is a list largely composed of software
developers, not lawyers, and people shouldn't confuse the two.  On a
list of this nature, I refuse to accept it as a burden on *my*
shoulders to avoid statements that people might use as legal advice.
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