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Bryan George bgeorge at
Tue Jan 23 18:22:46 UTC 2001

David Johnson wrote:
> On Monday 22 January 2001 09:35 am, Bryan George wrote:
> > > Okay, I'm writing it down: "Audience = inflexible Unix bigots =>
> > document = brain dead ASCII text".  Got it, thanks!
> Sigh...
> I don't have MS Office, and I am not about to pay for it. This has nothing to
> do with bigotry, but everything to do with my money, my harddrive space,
> etc... And when it comes to a choice between rebooting the system to run your
> document's native OS, or shelling out yet more money to get VMWare, I'll just
> abstain.

I'm just busting your chops a little, really... :)  You don't have to
convince me of the need for a low-cost, accessible, open way to pass
docs around - I just got a little tweaked with the "Real men use ASCII"
crud. %b

> There are alternatives so use them. If the presentation you are sending is
> comprised solely of verbal content, then ASCII is sufficient. If you need
> some small amount of text formatting, try HTML. And if you need to control
> the document's appearance exactly, try PDF.

I was going to suggest that - presumably anyone with pockets for Office
can pick up a copy of Acrobat as well, and the reader's free and



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> David Johnson
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