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David Johnson david at
Tue Jan 23 03:45:46 UTC 2001

On Monday 22 January 2001 09:35 am, Bryan George wrote:

> > Okay, I'm writing it down: "Audience = inflexible Unix bigots =>
> document = brain dead ASCII text".  Got it, thanks!


I don't have MS Office, and I am not about to pay for it. This has nothing to 
do with bigotry, but everything to do with my money, my harddrive space, 
etc... And when it comes to a choice between rebooting the system to run your 
document's native OS, or shelling out yet more money to get VMWare, I'll just 

There are alternatives so use them. If the presentation you are sending is 
comprised solely of verbal content, then ASCII is sufficient. If you need 
some small amount of text formatting, try HTML. And if you need to control 
the document's appearance exactly, try PDF.

David Johnson

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