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Bryan George bgeorge at
Mon Jan 22 14:37:47 UTC 2001

News flash: A _lot_ of technical people are using Word docs and
PowerPoint presentations these days - Linux/VMWare is my weapon of
choice, but there are others.


Ben Tilly wrote:
> Jorg Janke <jjanke at> wrote:
> >
> >I would like to raise three issues:
> >a) License issues
> >b) Compiere license
> >b) Open Source Trademark
> >
> >a) General License issues
> >---------------------------------------
> >- I am a bit frustrated about the process; I had to submit our suggestion
> >three times before receiving the first feedback.
> It would help if you sent mails as regular ASCII rather
> than formatted HTML.
> This is a question of knowing your audience.  HTML can
> be made to look nice, which means that it will go over
> well with suits.  However it suffers from bit-rot,
> displays differently on different platforms, is more
> complex for standard text tools to process, etc.
> Therefore technical types tend to see HTML email in
> the same category as Word and Powerpoint attachments -
> a sign that the sender is not technical and does not
> have a clue about how the technical community works.
> So say it in ASCII.  It may not look as pretty to you,
> but it will go over a lot better with us.
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