Request: Publication of this discussion

Ralf Schwoebel puzzler at
Wed Jan 17 19:58:21 UTC 2001

Hi *,

we think that the discussion about IPL reached a point where the
board will tell us, what we could do.

Until then we have to continue to work and I kindly ask for the
permission of everybody who posted to "license-discuss" on that
matter, that we put a prominent link to these mails on our, BEFORE somebody downloads the sources and state the
uncertainty of the approval "Open Source".

I think you might agree that this would be fair and if you disagree,
mail me directly, thanks everybody (cu on LW in NYC?)

best regards,
Ralf "puzzler" Schwoebel
CEO, intraDAT international inc.
11250 Roger Bacon Drive (#3)
Reston, VA 20190
Tel.: 703 796 0000

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