IPL as a burden

Ralf Schwoebel puzzler at intradat.com
Tue Jan 16 20:39:40 UTC 2001

Dave J Woolley wrote:

> I have some concerns that companies like RH will become more and
> more like Microsoft - you can already see it in the marketing
> language on their web sites.

Hi Dave,

but this is a normal development for a company that has
to report back to shareholders and this development will
continue if society does not change (what I do not expect :)

After the discussion yesterday, and we might work a bit on our
license and resubmit it. But the basic idea will stay:

License fees for "Open Source" software and a license that
is covering that widely and explicitly mentions that with the
approval of the community. We think it is time for such
a license and we do believe that the IPL is close enough,
even if some paragraphs caused such a discussion yesterday.

Profit is necessary and licenses like MozPL, etc. are the
first step to such a point of view. Even the GPL notes that
and leaves the door open.
best regards,
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