IPL as a burden

Ben Tilly ben_tilly at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 15 17:04:02 UTC 2001

Ralf Schwoebel <puzzler at intradat.com> wrote:
>Frank LaMonica wrote:
> > but differ from the GPL or LGPL.   Each such license places additional 
>burdens on
> > the entire open source community.  Those burdens devolve from the 
>Dear Frank,
>thanks for the input, but I have to disagree. The lack of the word
>money is the burden of the OpenSource community and even companies
>like VA or RedHat have to feel that these days. And the GPL comes
>from a time when students changed the world and coolness was a skill.

It is clear that you don't understand open source.

>Now we have 2001 and the idea of Open Source needs a kick, because
>we need applications now and everybody thinks its cooler to work
>on an operating system, not an application.
>We see no other possibility than enabling people to charge money for
>sources without violating the basics of OpenSource:

You are not producing open source.  You are producing
something that violates every principle of open source
and then lying by calling it open source.  If you wish
to produce proprietary software, go ahead.  But don't
try to lie and call it open source.

>Anyone is allowed to use the software, everybody has access to
>the sources, etc. pp.

They are only allowed if they have your license key.

I am not allowed to take my knowledge of your software
and freely start a consulting business if I think that
you have been doing a piss-poor job.

This is not open source.

>This money goes to the developers and they can pay their bills.
>And by the way:
>Our license is approved by a very good and accepted lawyer in
>Washington DC (some senators and HUGE software vendors agree to that)
>and is suitable for the Virginia law, since software licenses have to
>fit the state laws, not the federal law in the US.
UCITA is generally detested by all except
organizations whose attitudes towards intellectual
property are also generally detested.

Once again, your license is not open source.  Nor
will you find that people in the open source
community generally willing to accept it.

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