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Fri Feb 16 22:27:03 UTC 2001

Martin Zam writes:

> --- Brian Behlendorf <brian at> wrote:
> when a group of entities get together and decide to "sell" a
> > thing at a cost substantially lower than the cost of production, *with the
> > intent to affect other parties who can not make a similar unreturned
> > investment*, then that is usually called "price fixing", a category of
> > antitrust.  
> I believe the term dumping applies here as well.  RAM pricing from Asia was
> the focus of an enormous amount of government attention, not that long ago,
> when U.S. firms were allegedly forced from the market.

Yes, I think price fixing is something else entirely: if a group of
vendors conspire to sell some good at a specific (high!) price, and
not to compete against each other by cutting the price below that
level, this is price fixing (also called a cartel).

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