David Johnson david at
Tue Aug 28 02:04:52 UTC 2001

On Monday 27 August 2001 08:37 am, Randy Kramer wrote:

> There are some other "open source" or "free" documentation licenses.
> One place to look is
> There is also something like an "open content" license somewhere.  As
> usual, there is some contoversy about which licenses are free, etc.

The problem is, and what Greg was getting at, is that most of these licenses 
themselves to not meet the Open Source definition (nor the Free Software 
definition for that matter). In other words, the Open Content License is not 
open and the GNU Free Documentation License is not free.

The ideal would be to have the documentation and software fall under the same 
license, but all too often the author has differing needs for the docs and 
the code.

David Johnson

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