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Mon Aug 27 14:39:58 UTC 2001

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> The OSI does not approve documentation licenses, only software licenses.

Is this mentioned anywhere on the OSI webpages? I ask only because this may
explain the lack of any action for a particularly long period of time on a
license I submitted... I will debate the appropriateness of this policy in a
separate email.

> Most "free" documentation licenses are quite complicated and
> convoluted. This
> is primarily due to the fact that they are trying to make them as
> free/open
> as possible without risking the work's or author's artistic integrity. By
> requiring derivations to be distributed as patches, you can cut
> through a lot
> of this clutter, and end up with a simple license if you work it right.

My license (sLODL) is IMHO a reasonable starting point as well (despite lack
of OSI approval).

Should be at - but the entire
website seems to have vanished... anyone can mail me if they want a copy and
I'll send them one.

Sam Barnett-Cormack

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