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Thu Aug 9 16:32:03 UTC 2001

on Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 11:45:49AM -0400, Russell Nelson (nelson at wrote:
> Derek Balling writes:
>  > {snip}
>  > 
>  > That yahoo account will no longer be disturbing anyone ... pay it no mind.
> Sigh.  No, <george_umia1 at> won't, but
> <george_umia3 at> will.  On the other mailing lists hosted on
>, I'm using a very effective spam filter.
> Previously-unknown addresses get bounced to me on the first posting.
> Subsequent postings are automatically approved unless I remove the
> address from the approval list, which I do in the case of spam.
> As it turns out, that algorithm would have let one of the VENTURE
> CAPITAL messages through, but that's actually quite a rare case.  Most 
> spammers don't send twice to the same address using the same envelope
> sender.
> Any objection to my turning on this feature for license-discuss?

None.  Please do.

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