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Sat Apr 21 02:15:45 UTC 2001

on Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 07:49:29PM -0400, Tom Oehser (tom at wrote:
> **********************************************************************
> * This copyright in no way supercedes or nullifies any copyrights or
> * licenses of the component parts, such as the BSD and GPL copyrights
> * which cover many of the programs, which confer specific rights and
> * responsibilies which MUST be met in order to use this package and
> * which prohibit certain restrictions to the programs.  It covers the
> * arrangement of the whole and any components not explicitly protected
> * from these requirements. If you base a work on it, distribute any
> * components from it, or distribute customized versions of it, you
> * must credit tomsrtbt, mention and
> * Tom at Toms.NET, and include this entire notice verbatim. Copyright Tom
> * Oehser, 2001. Within these strictures you may freely redistribute,
> * incorporate, copy, modify, or do anything else to it or with it that
> * you like. Tomsrtbt has no warranties not even implied fitness or
> * usefulness.  If it breaks you keep both pieces. 
> **********************************************************************
...well, it doesn't fold in mail well....

Note that works under the BSD license can have their terms added to.
You're also capable of defining licensing terms for works which are your
own creation.

Defining "works as a whole" is probably a bit hard to understand for a
lot of people, though it's used, e.g.:  by OpenBSD for its ISO images.
What specific protections it gives you.

Why your own variant of the BSD license instead of a lightly adapted
one?  The issue is more one of cognitive distance than of unsuitedness
of your language.  Is there something that the BSD license itself
doesn't cover for you?  I suppose it's not aimed at a collective work,
but in this case the OpenBSD ISO license is a reference.

IANAL, this is not legal advice.

PS:  personal note:  TRB rocks, I owe you several large pieces of ass
saved by it.

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