Is this better for tomsrtbt?

Tom Oehser tom at
Fri Apr 20 23:49:29 UTC 2001

* This copyright in no way supercedes or nullifies any copyrights or licenses *
* of the component parts, such as the BSD and GPL copyrights which cover many *
* of the programs, which confer specific rights and responsibilies which MUST *
* be met in order to use this package and which prohibit certain restrictions *
* to the programs.  It covers the arrangement of the whole and any components *
* not explicitly protected from these requirements. If you base a work on it, *
* distribute any components from it, or distribute customized versions of it, *
* you must credit tomsrtbt, mention and Tom at Toms.NET, *
* and include this entire notice verbatim. Copyright Tom Oehser, 2001. Within *
* these strictures you may freely redistribute, incorporate, copy, modify, or *
* do anything else to it or with it that you like. Tomsrtbt has no warranties *
* not even implied fitness or usefulness.  If it breaks you keep both pieces. *

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