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Dave J Woolley wrote:
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> > I agree with you completely.  BSD is one of the only software licenses
> > that allows PEOPLE the freedom they need to establish their own business
> > objectives.  I would go even further to say that there are only three
> [DJW:]
> There are different balances.  BSD favours
> businesses that use the software but means that
> the original author may not benefit as much.  Open
> source is most likely to happen when both parties
> gain a benefit.
The original author will never lose the ability to benefit from his or
her own work.  Under BSD, they may not directly benefit from additive
work by other people, but that should not be the point of the initial
release.  BSD software is released to fulfill a need where something is
lacking.  The open source software is not intended to generate any
revenue directly, but, if it is useful in some commercial setting, then
it can be used to generate revenue there.  That is a good thing!  Keep
in mind that if the value of the software that is opened derives from
the fact that it IS open, i.e., it fills a void in an otherwise freely
available, royalty free pipeline, then it will have given its full
benefit to all parties.  

I contend that the only necessary and sufficient areas of software that
derive their value from the fact that they are open source lie in the
data formats, API's and OS infrastructure.  Other software, that is not
a part of those three areas, may have value from being open source, but
it is not NECESSARY in order to maintain the most beneficial use of open
source technology.  On the other hand, anything that closes up any part
of those three areas creates an environment that is not SUFFICIENT to
maintain the benefits of open source to the industry.

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