21st Century Mining

Clebert Rezende Suconic clebert at imagetec.com.br
Sat Apr 14 18:08:02 UTC 2001

Dear All,

I´m already in a project, which I will be able to run DataWarehouse on any platform. The only decision that we will need is to open the code sharing that, and improving the product.

Believe-me, the idea about this data-warehouse is a good idea. We will have a code based on OLAP Providers, which we will be able to open any cube on the server. I have used a lot of plugin points (in Java), to be independent from the DataWarehouse OLAP Provider.

I have a lot of knowlodge about OLAP, but I´m so far from you area (I´m on Brazil), and a face to face meeting should not work to myself.

Please, let me know if someone has interest about my ideas.

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  Hello Forums @ OpenSource: 

  By way of introduction my name is Mike Crispi, 2 weeks ago I sent out an 
  email asking group members if they were interested in a data mining and 
  warehousing project. To my surprise the feedback was very positive and I 
  would like to start with an open discussion platform in order to start this 
  project in motion. 

  If you have any good ideas about the content, direction, management, or would 
  like to share your expertise running a previous project, please write it down. 

  If someone would like to volunteer and setup a time and location for our 
  first session online, please feel free to post.  We will follow your 
  direction.  When referencing this project, use the title 21st century mining. 

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