Is it possible to sue infringers under the GPL?

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Fri Mar 10 03:41:08 UTC 2000

Well, to be precise, one of you is confusing the common sense meaning of
"creator" with the meaning of that term under copyright law. Creation of a
patch does not make you a creator under copyright.

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> David Johnson wrote:
> > Ouch! Is that how people view Open Source modifications? It's a wonder
> > development even occurs. As I see it, if you submit a patch to
> my application,
> > and say that is what it is, that patch falls under my copyright.
> Not at all.  Copyright subsists solely with the creator, unless
> 1) the work
> is made for hire, or 2) the creator has made an exclusive transfer of
> copyright.  The latter *must* be in writing.  The FSF insists on such
> copyright transfer for all GNU-official stuff.
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