Looking to learn more about "EXCEPTIONS" -- gnu style

Mark Rauterkus mrauterkus at SportSurf.Net
Wed Mar 8 03:13:38 UTC 2000

Hi All,

I'm trying to get my mind around the ins and outs of the granted GNU
exceptions. I didn't find any list of all the software titles that have been
granted "exceptions".

It makes sense that a "compiler" and even the kernel would be an exception
-- so as to allow that tool to craft "non-free" output.

Are there any pointers where I might look for more info into this?

Plus, what other software titles have "exceptions? I'll then look up the
license-specifics. Or, please consider sending me an off-line email examples
of those license exceptions you have easy access to. I'll summarize and


Mark Rauterkus
mrauterkus at sportsurf.net

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