How To Break The GPL

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Good point with respect to Copyright law itself.  But, the GPL makes
specific reference to deriverative works, and work "based on" GPL licensed

See my previous post . . . 

Half the internet suing the other half . . . now that's a funny picture.
The scary thing is, it's plausable, with everyone suing over domain name
usage.  Sometimes I think the only cap on something like that is the
expense, limited time of lawyers.  Geeez . . .

Richard Schilling

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On Fri, 03 Mar 2000, Schilling, Richard wrote:
> Generally, if the program Alice writes for Bob references *anything* in
> GPLed library, Bob's program could be considered a deriverative work.  If
> the program Alice write does not reference anything in the GPLed library,
> there is no point in linking to it in the first place.  

In terms of programming and computerese, you might possibly have a point,
the definition of "derivative" is according to copyright law. If references
made something a derivative, then half the internet would be suing the other

David Johnson...

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