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Mon Feb 14 04:16:08 UTC 2000

  +  Join the club, Scott.  I submitted a license months ago and haven't 
  +  heard a thing.  Others have had similar experiences as well.  In 
  +  fact, I don't think any new licenses have been approved under the 
  +  certification program.

my experience has been the same, with the addition that a second
note was sent directly to ESR, along with dates of initial release
for the open source project. there has been absolutely no response 

a thought: what if, after a careful and honestly critical review of
the OSI terms of use, you decide that your license meets the criteria,
you were go ahead and use the OSI mark? would you be in violation
of the letter of the law? in other words, does one need a "yes you may
use the mark" from OSI prior to use? will they enforce it?
(i've not read the web pages in the past few weeks,
and don't recall specifics).

in other words, let's assume that you have a clean license and a pure
heart ;-), will some proactive use of the OSI mark cause them to
wake up and fulfill the obligation they have incurred, but are
currently not fulfilling, or will the OSI mark become meaningless
(or has it become meaningless) because OSI doesn't function?

1/2 a ;-)

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