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Rafi M. Goldberg rafimg at
Mon Feb 14 03:13:53 UTC 2000

>ESR certainly receives considerable flammage
>to this effect, I am sure. Hopefully he's
>reading this and is prepared to defend himself.
>Hello, Eric! *waves*

I'm not looking to flame him, but I would appreciate some 
acknowledgement.  FWIW, I'm trying to get a license certified for 
some web site maintenance tools I'm working on for my high school. 
One would think that Open Source in the schools would be something 
Mr. Raymond would go for...

>I'm not prepared to hand Eric the prize for
>making the hacker community rise as fast and
>as far as it has. I *will* say that his impact
>in the process cannot be discounted. Whether
>you agree with his message or not, I think
>it's clear that the messenger certainly
>brought some of the memes into the corporate

Absolutely.  And I happen to agree with him on many accounts, more so 
than Perens and certainly more than RMS.  But that's neither here nor 
there...  It's good to get companies on the bandwagon, but not at the 
expense of us little people.

>  > I would suggest emailling the principles directly (ESR and Perens)
>  > in the case of slow response.

Does this imply that anyone has experienced a not-slow response, or a 
better response directly from ESR?  I'm willing to give it another 

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