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At 09:09 AM 5/19/99 -0500, Patrick St. Jean wrote:
>On Tue, 18 May 1999, Bruce Perens wrote:
>Did that law student take a look at some of the federal circuit court
>rulings concerning shrink-wrap licenses?  The gist of them is that unless
>there is a signature on a document, they're pretty much worthless.  That
>means that the legal remedies would amount to copyright infringement.

This statement might have been correct a few years ago, but the strong
recent trend is to uphold the validity of shrinkwrap and clickwrap
licenses.  The leading case is ProCD v. Zeidenberg in the 7th Circuit,, but there are other recent
decisions from the Illinois U.S. District court,, the Washington State
Court of Appeals,, and the
New York Appellate Division in Brower v. Gateway 2000.

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