GPL and LGPL question

Tim Pierce twp at
Wed May 19 15:30:00 UTC 1999

On Wed, May 19, 1999 at 09:07:47AM -0500, Pat St. Jean wrote:
> I'm sorry you feel that way.  Check the Linux kernel archives.  I sent in
> a bunch of patches last year (early on) to update and improve the x86 CPU
> detection.  I gave up BECAUSE of the GPL.  I can't make any money off of
> that code with programs that I DON'T want to release the source for.  I
> was stupid, and shoudn't have done it.

What are you talking about?  If you're complaining that you can't take
the Linux kernel and make it into a proprietary work, you're not
likely to find many sympathetic ears.

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