new license to review

Mark Bainter mark-osi at
Mon May 17 15:47:23 UTC 1999

Russell Nelson [nelson at] wrote:
> Someone wrote, and they weren't the only one:
>  > Why the sighs Russ?  If we wanted only one license for software, I'm
>  > sure Microsoft would be glad to assist :-).
> Because it doesn't seem all that different from existing licenses, and
> because license proliferation inhibits code reuse.  The major effect
> of Open Source code is to reduce the transaction cost of using it.

I have no desire to see a single license dominate everything.  Choice is a
good thing, but, OTOH, I see and agree with Russ' point.  A proliferation of
similar licenses hurts more than it helps.  Especially when they are so poorly

Perl doesn't mind a little pluralism-a perl script is correct if it's halfway readable and gets the job done before your boss fires you. -- Wall and Schwartz

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