new license to review

Clark Evans clark.evans at
Sat May 8 02:14:00 UTC 1999

bruce at wrote:
> Hear, Hear!
> We are in danger of tying ourselves up in red tape as we are saddled with
> more licenses, and their incompatibility, every day. The OSI should act
> to discourage license proliferation when possible, lest it do itself and
> its community a disservice.

Just some thoughts...

Hurray.   What would be ideal, is to develop common 
set of underlying clauses and algebraic rules for
combining those clauses.  Say that a decomposition
lead to 26 clauses,  A..Z,

Then each OS license would be defined in
terms of these clauses.  So that 

Artistic =  A, B, C,    F, G,       Y
BSD      =  A,    C, D, F,          Y
GNU      =     B     D, F, G, H, I, 

And then you have rules which define how
the licenses combine (as you combine the
source code they are licensed with)

I started to do this about a year ago, 
it _could_ be done, provided many of the
groups participated in a more unified
licensing mechanism.  It seems OS would
be a good way to do this.



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