APSL 1.1 available for comment.

Brian Behlendorf brian at hyperreal.org
Mon Apr 19 22:10:40 UTC 1999


Since problems were discovered in the Apple Public Source License 1.0 with
respect to OSD conformance, we've been working with Apple on revising
those sections of the APSL that were cited as problematic.  This morning,
Apple released version 1.1 of the APSL. It's the opinion of the board of
directors of OSI that this answers the issues brought up before, and thus
conforms to the OSD.  However, in the interests of making the
certification process more open, we elected to not grant formal
certification until the members of this list have had a chance to review
the new language in APSL 1.1.

So, folks, here's your chance.  We will take comments on the license until
Thursday, April 22nd. On Friday, the board of OSI will decide, based on
the messages posted to this list, whether APSL 1.1 is OSD-conformant.

We ask that comments about the license be *restricted* to its conformance
to the *current* Open Source Definition, strictly speaking.  Issues as to
whether the OSD needs to be expanded to cover something in the license is
off-topic, at least until after we've cleared out any issues with the

The URL to the APSL 1.1 is at 



        The OSI Board of Directors.

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