APSL 1.1 available for comment.

Stig Hackvän stig at hackvan.com
Mon Apr 19 23:07:16 UTC 1999

> The URL to the APSL 1.1 is at 
>   http://publicsource.apple.com/apsl/

the changes aren't a big deal.  (i guess that's why it's a minor version
number, huh?)  some technicalities have been improved...the export nonsense
got yanked, but it's still pretty much identical.  the highlighted changes can
be viewed here:  http://devlinux.org/apsl-diff.html


PS:  by the way, does anyone know of a better tool than my personal hack based
upon wdiff and a perl script for generating word-based diffs from one version
of a file to the next?  does anyone want to hack my script to make it work
around html tags without munging them?

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