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Gregory Martin Pfeil pfeilgm at
Thu Apr 15 05:11:23 UTC 1999

OK, I'll open by stating that this is all very new to me, but fun and
interesting so far.  Thanks for the heavy discussions.

Here's my take:

Have a few complete licenses set up -- like OSI-restrictive,
OSI-public, and OSI-open, each one being progressively more open.

People can cut-paste entire sections only.  And there may be certain
rules that require sections to go hand-in-hand (i.e. Section 3 of
OSI-r may require Section 7 of OSI-r or OSI-p, but not OSI-o).  This
can all be scripted via CGI and done up on the Web.

Any license that can be created this way is automatically certified by
the OSI, and can be labeled a "restrictive", "public", or "open"
license by means of determining (with a script) which version the
weightiest sections are from.

Also, since each section must be copied in its entirety, each section
can be labeled "Section 4, from OSI-public license" or such, making it
easy for people who are familiar with that license to skim those

Also, people can take entire sections, and label them as such, to be
used in their own non-certified licenses.

I didn't say this would be easy, legalese is not my area, but how does
this sound?

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