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Derek J. Balling dredd at
Thu Apr 15 04:01:19 UTC 1999


Yes, I'm aware of the restrictions on the GPL... I was using it as an example.

The GPL specifically disallows the type of thing I'm looking to accomplish. :)

Corrected example:

"Joe's License
    derived from the OSI General License"

At 11:58 PM 4/14/99 -0400, Arkin wrote:
>You are strictly forbidden from doing that with the GPL. The GPL is very
>specific about the terms of its use. Any change you make to it violate
>the GPL and is, thus, entirely non GPL.
>"derived from GNU General Public License - GPL" might create a confusion
>between the two licenses, leading someone to believe that the two
>licenses are identical apart from, say some sections having different
>numbers, when this is not the case.
>> If licenses themselves allow themselves to be copied (with proper
>> attribution), then a person looking at an "unknown license" from "Joe Evil
>> Company", will see that it might be:
>> J.E.Co. Public License
>>   (derived from GNU General Public License - GPL)
>> To look at that on face value, a non-astute person might go "ahhhh, its
>> open source", but doing something like:

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