Get ready....

Arkin arkin at
Thu Apr 15 03:58:04 UTC 1999

You are strictly forbidden from doing that with the GPL. The GPL is very
specific about the terms of its use. Any change you make to it violate
the GPL and is, thus, entirely non GPL.

"derived from GNU General Public License - GPL" might create a confusion
between the two licenses, leading someone to believe that the two
licenses are identical apart from, say some sections having different
numbers, when this is not the case.


> If licenses themselves allow themselves to be copied (with proper
> attribution), then a person looking at an "unknown license" from "Joe Evil
> Company", will see that it might be:
> J.E.Co. Public License
>   (derived from GNU General Public License - GPL)
> To look at that on face value, a non-astute person might go "ahhhh, its
> open source", but doing something like:

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