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Derek J. Balling dredd at
Wed Apr 14 19:14:23 UTC 1999

Not to pick nits, but why not request it in HTML format? Something every
platform out there can use with minimal effort.


At 06:41 PM 4/14/99 +0000, Russell Nelson wrote:
>We've been contacted by a company which wishes to publish some of
>their software under a public license.  They feel the need to have an
>OSI-certified Open Source license, so we're going to see it before it
>becomes public.
>As is right, fitting and proper, they are going to anonymize the
>license.  I've requested that it be rendered in postscript form (as
>opposed to some grotty proprietary word processing format), so if you
>can't render postscript (using ghostview or gv), work on it.
>They've tracked the APSL debacle closely, and wish to avoid the same
>problem.  Please respect the fact that this license is not final and
>do not publish it.  Also, please, no speculation on who it might be.
>The license is the license; who will be using it is completely besides
>the point.
>Time is of the essence.  If you haven't commented on this within a
>week, you'll be too late.
>I'll give you the URL as soon as I get it.
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