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Russell Nelson nelson at
Wed Apr 14 18:41:37 UTC 1999

We've been contacted by a company which wishes to publish some of
their software under a public license.  They feel the need to have an
OSI-certified Open Source license, so we're going to see it before it
becomes public.

As is right, fitting and proper, they are going to anonymize the
license.  I've requested that it be rendered in postscript form (as
opposed to some grotty proprietary word processing format), so if you
can't render postscript (using ghostview or gv), work on it.

They've tracked the APSL debacle closely, and wish to avoid the same
problem.  Please respect the fact that this license is not final and
do not publish it.  Also, please, no speculation on who it might be.
The license is the license; who will be using it is completely besides
the point.

Time is of the essence.  If you haven't commented on this within a
week, you'll be too late.

I'll give you the URL as soon as I get it.

-russ nelson <rn-sig at>
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