[License-review] For approval: The Cryptographic Autonomy License (Beta 4)

Christopher Lemmer Webber cwebber at dustycloud.org
Tue Feb 11 12:53:26 UTC 2020

Where in the license is this distinction made?

At any rate, I'm not convinced such a distinction exists.  I
increasingly work with peer to peer systems where the distinction
between "user" and "system" and even "client" and "server" no longer
exist.  I don't believe it is possible to make a sound distinction, and
at any rate I don't see one in the license.  But perhaps I am missing

Regardless, these are not my only concerns.  I will write them up today.

VanL writes:

> I definitely want to hear any concerns... but I will also note that the
> crypto portions of the license were reviewed by a number of people who are
> expert in that space and they approved.
> My best guess is that you are concerned that this requires the disclosure
> of user-specific keys, and so you think that means that traditional crypto
> which relies on a private key or private cert would need to be disclosed.
> This is incorrect.
> They difference is between user keys and system keys. User keys form the
> basis of a user's identity and control over computation or data. Under the
> license, they must be controlled by the user alone.
> System keys, however, used for things like TLS and SSH, are not User Data
> within the scope of that term. They may be kept confidential and secure.
> Thanks,
> Van
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> On Mon, Feb 10, 2020, 7:17 PM Christopher Lemmer Webber <
> cwebber at dustycloud.org> wrote:
>> Josh Berkus writes:
>> > On 1/7/20 11:00 AM, Pamela Chestek wrote:
>> >> The discussion is still active so it will not be considered at the next
>> >> Board meeting, which is this Friday. The soonest would be the February
>> >> Board meeting.
>> >
>> > So, it's been a month since there's been any discussion about the CAL.
>> > Pamela, can we take a poll of how people feel about the license?
>> > Pass/Reject/MoreDiscussionNeeded?
>> I'm not very sure if I'm in the right place to state this, but I'd say
>> "Reject" or at least "MoreDiscussionNeeded".  I believe there are very
>> serious problems in the license that will (ironically, due to its name)
>> prevent the ability to have safely private networks on cryptographically
>> secure peer to peer networks.  I believe I can demonstrate the privacy
>> risks, and spend most of tomorrow doing a detailed and longer writeup
>> about my concerns.  Note that I don't think it's any malicious intention
>> of the author to introduce these problems; I think Van is acting in good
>> faith and interest there, but nonetheless I think the concerns exist and
>> are very grave, if I understand correctly.
>> If I am going to air them before the board meeting, am I doing it in the
>> right place here?  If so, I will follow up on the thread here tomorrow.
>>  - Chris
>> PS: I'm sorry I haven't aired my very serious concerns earlier.  Van
>> asked me personally to review at last year's CopyleftConf and I never
>> got around to writing up my thoughts.  I regret that, and wish I had
>> done so sooner... maybe I could have prevented a lot of trouble.
>> Nonetheless I think it's important that I write them up now; I'm
>> guessing we're in the "speak now or forever hold your peace" moment
>> though, so I'm trying to articulate my concerns before it's too late.
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