[License-review] Approval: Open Innovation License v2.0

Joshua R. Simmons josh.simmons at opensource.org
Mon Dec 28 23:30:16 UTC 2020

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your submission. I've been following the discussion and now
seems like a good time for me to jump in.

Given the discussion here suggests we're a long way from consensus, you may
find the License Discuss list to be a more appropriate forum.

The License Review process is highly time consuming and relies on the
generosity of volunteers from the community. Many of those same people
chime in on License Discuss.

You may find that heeding their earnest feedback will go a long way toward
retaining an audience that's willing to help, and indeed, may find that it
also brings you closer to producing a license worthy of adoption.

Hope that helps ☺️

Wishing everyone happy holidays and all the best for the New Year!


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On Mon, Dec 28, 2020, 15:19 Andrew Nassief <kamalandrew55 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, the problem is people are trying to talk about the legal standing or
> definitions of the words of the mission statement even though I have
> explicitly made it as a preamble, applied my entity to it so it reads out
> as non-contractual, and have the word believes instead of agrees. Hiring
> someone shouldn't be a requirement in order to get a license approved,
> especially if you are contempt with the wording of the licensing.
> Anyways this is my version 2.0, I'm hoping to seek contributor feedback on
> this. I'm not trying to upset everybody. I'm just looking for feedback
> regarding this specific license. I'm severely autistic so I don't know if I
> come off as too extreme or irritating to everybody in this board, but I'm
> just seeking out discussion in regards to approval as I believe I have at
> least put effort into fixing some of your main issues.
> The Open Innovation License
> *Version 2, 28th December 2020*
> *Copyright © 2020 Stark Drones Corporation*
> *Copyright © 2020 Andrew Magdy Kamal*
> Preamble
> The *Stark Drones Corporation* believes in building or releasing
> technology for the betterment of humanity. Technology should not be meant
> with the intention of harming a human being. We believe in a prima facie
> moral duty through personal moral obligation to understand that technology
> should be within the concept of moral good or outcomes that are morally
> right and/or ethical. We believe in promoting the advancement of humanity
> and civilization as a whole. We believe in a sense of adventurement,
> edification, and the expansion of the human mind.
> *Released under the Open Innovation License*
> *Copyright © (YEAR) (Copyright Holder)*
> This project is licensed under the *Open Innovation License*. This means
> any code, file, diagrams, data format, or other innovation containing this
> license within it can be copied, modified, redistributed, published, or
> even used for non and/or commercial purposes within the context of this
> license.
> Any code, file, diagrams, data format, or other innovation containing this
> license is understood to be fully "AS IS", no claims are made in regards to
> safety, security, warranty, usability, or other form of merchantability and
> market-readiness. In no events are copyright holders, authors, or
> publishers are to be held liable for any claims, damage or results from
> usage of what have been licensed under this license.
> The context of this license includes: Keeping this original license text
> and file verbatim, as well as the copyright notice included in any
> redistribution of said project. Project is defined as what is using this
> license. For purposes of context, the copyright notice after the preamble
> is meant to be modified for whomsoever publishes or releases "any code,
> file, diagrams, data format, or other innovation", so that they can include
> their information.
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