[License-review] Approval: Open Innovation License v2.0

VM (Vicky) Brasseur osi-lists at vmbrasseur.com
Mon Dec 28 23:03:57 UTC 2020

Hello, Andrew.

This mailing list is for reviewing licenses for OSI approval. It's not 
for providing free legal advice or otherwise discussing the theories of 

This means that the expectation is that any license submitted here will 
already have been reviewed by qualified legal counsel and will be ready 
for review for OSI approval.

It appears this license has not been reviewed by qualified legal counsel 
yet and is not ready to be reviewed by the OSI.

I encourage you to withdraw the license once again and wait to resubmit 
it until after you have taken the advice of the list members (a 
membership that includes many well-respected and knowledgeable 
intellectual property lawyers, several of whom have repeatedly expressed 
concern over the wording of this license) and have redrafted it with the 
assistance of qualified legal counsel expressly hired for that purpose.


Andrew Nassief wrote on 28/12/20 14:44:
> I am looking for feedback outside of the realm of go hire somebody. 
> Anyways for what it's worth, thank you for the help.
> Best regards, Andrew
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