[License-review] Approval: OIN License (Open Innovation License)

Andrew Nassief kamalandrew55 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 13:00:00 UTC 2020

Hello. In regards to the Amish, many of them have computers and do IT. They
just have restrictive limits and rules on tech, and as you said they decide
what is ethical. Many people can be like so and so political parties said
this, or China does this or this religious group does this therefore it is
a restriction. However, with that mentality lots of people believe that
open source shouldn't exist and software should only be commercial. One can
argue that open source restricts them. Keep in mind also nobody is being
enforced to use the license and the non-binding clause states at good will.
Not everybody's good will and sense of moral obligation is the same,
therefore it is impossible for this to be centralized or me to be some
authoritarian on ethics.

I still want to provide that license analysis.

In regards to me counter claiming things or comments back and forth, this
is because I want to defend my case. I still respect people's criticism.
Disagreeing is part of a diplomatic process. One can disagree and "still be
friends" afterwards, and that is perfectly fine.

As for many of your points. I feel like it is less to do w/ the mission
statement and what it says and rather the complexity and where it is
inserted. Perhaps if these words were more common in the future, the OSI
may be comfortable with the text in full.

Anyways I do plan on making a more thorough analysis soon on some of your
core thoughts and what Ronald Turner asked of me.

I am considering a possible version 2 revision or variation centered around
many of your core concerns. If I decide to do so it wouldn't be that I
don't believe in my first version, but rather for a simpler way to seek OSI
approval while accomplishing a similar goal as what I had in mind

This is something I'm taking into consideration not confirming. Anyways, I
do plan a more thorough analysis and response to many of your core points
soon, and want you to know that I am working on taking your feedback
respectively into consideration.
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