[License-review] Approval: OIN License (Open Innovation License)

Andrew Nassief kamalandrew55 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 07:35:16 UTC 2020

> The term open innovation been used since the 1960s:
> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_innovation
> A substantially higher amount of people are familiar with the term open
> innovation then they are with the open innovation network. Saying that the
> Open Innovation Network now own the entire OIN acronym is unfair because as
> I made the point earlier, many acronyms are used can be implied for other
> things. Also, if Open Innovation should only be synonymous with the Open
> Innovation Network that would be very restrictive. You can't trademark open
> Innovation ad they are two genetic words, and since the OIN identifier
> isn't used on other open source licenses, saying it is unusable on behalf
> of an entity is in itself a restrictive principal.
> Anyways, in regards to your other inquiries, I will submit a license by
> license analysis and respond to your inquiries individually as soon as I
> can.
> Best regards, Andrew
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