[License-review] For Approval: Convertible Free Software License, Version 1.3 (C-FSL v1.3)

Kevin P. Fleming kevin+osi at km6g.us
Mon Jan 14 11:20:30 UTC 2019


On Mon, Jan 14, 2019 at 5:07 AM Elmar Stellnberger <estellnb at elstel.org> wrote:
> You seem to be picky about the wording in my last email. Nonetheless I
> can confirm you that the C-FSL license works as intended for the
> original authors. They are safe to use the patches of other people also
> and especially if they want to relicense their work later on. This is
> done by implicit consent of each contributor.

I don't believe anyone here is disputing that what you describe is the
intent of the license, or that the language in the license implements
that intent.  The discussion here has been about whether a license
with these attributes complies with the OSD, since you have submitted
it for OSI approval. 'Implicit' appears to be trigger here; usage of a
CLA by a project is *explicit* consent by contributors to allow their
contributions to be relicensed (when the CLA is structured that way).
Requiring users who have modified the code to publish it, and allowing
the 'original authors' to relicense that published code, and allowing
*only* those 'original authors' to do so, appears to be a conflict
with the principles of the OSD.

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