[License-review] Request for Approval of 'CasperLabs Open Source License (COSL)

Chris Lamb chris.lamb at opensource.org
Wed Dec 11 17:04:48 UTC 2019

Josh Berkus wrote:

> Hey, several folks have pointed out that this license is unpassable.  We
> can probably stop discussing it; it's really not a race to find out how
> many violations of the OSD we can rack up.  One is enough.

I would tend to agree. There are many flaws that mean a full review
cycle seems somewhat unnecessary and would, at the very least, take
time and energy from this list's participants from other worthy

I would therefore gently and kindly suggest to the Submitter that they
withdraw their license from consideration, feeling free to resubmit a
modified version in the future if they so wished.

Best wishes,

Chris Lamb
Open Source Initiative
Email: chris.lamb at opensource.org
Website: www.opensource.org

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